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3 Ways to Ruin even the Best Content Marketing Strategy

3 Ways to Ruin even the Best Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing can be an invaluable way to raise awareness about your brand, build loyalty among your ideal demographic, and be part of important conversations surrounding your industry. The right content marketing can set you up as an authority figure, can cement and illustrate your company culture, can even launch you into the next phase of your business. Coordinating social media, blog posts and content calendars, landing pages, ad campaigns and everything else takes a lot of effort – so it is a good thing you can get so much out of it.

Unfortunately, with content marketing, the best intentions aren’t enough. Here are 3 ways businesses can completely ruin an otherwise great content marketing strategy:


Content marketing is not a stop sign on a long journey of building a business. It is more like your fuel tank – it is a vital part of moving your business forward. One of the top ways businesses ruin their content management strategy is by being inconsistent either in the timing of information being released or in their messaging. Take something simple like social media – one tweet a month, or even a week, isn’t going to drive you forward as a thought-leader or expand your reach deeper into your demographic. Actually, the opposite may happen. New customers may see your lack of engagement and question your legitimacy as a business. Well designed websites, consistent messaging, social engagement and social clout are all part of business basics today.


The more you produce content, the more you learn about your customers, your business and your product or service. Let content marketing be an experience that helps you perfect your vision. Rigidity can completely crash a content marketing strategy. Instead, adapt based on what you learn through feedback and analytics, grow alongside the expansion of your reach and be willing to admit when something isn’t working. Changes in things like Facebook or Google algorithms will require some flexibility and ingenuity to benefit from the latest iteration. What worked last month might not be as effective this month and it is important to recognize that as soon as possible, be flexible and commit to riding the ebb and flow.


There are two ways to ruin a content marketing strategy with disconnection – the first is disconnection from your customer and the second is disconnection from your competition.

Things like inconsistent messaging, or not responding to customer inquiries can ruin your strategy when it comes to connecting with customers. If your customer doesn’t think you understand them, has an experience that indicates you don’t care, or feels ignored then your content strategy will lose clout.

The other form is disconnection is being disconnected from your competitors. One of the beauties of content marketing is that there are a lot of tools to help you identify what your competition is doing. If you are disconnected from your competition you could be stuck wondering why your efforts aren’t turning into conversions, or why your social media posts aren’t getting the reach you expected. Take a little bit of time to see what your competition is doing in order to really be in the game and, as mentioned above, adjust based on what you learn.

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