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Choosing the Right Email Newsletter Tool

Choosing the Right Email Newsletter Tool

With over 80% of consumers opening emails from companies and over 40% going on to purchase, email marketing continues to be a major mode of connection between businesses and consumers, according to Salesforce. Gain the advantage in branding, promoting, marketing or converting with an email newsletter tool that makes it easy to craft and send professional-looking emails to your subscriber list. These five email newsletter clients are easy to use, professional, and geared toward large and small businesses.


Since its founding in 2001, MailChimp has become a popular newsletter client and boasts over 5 million users. With free and paid plans, MailChip is easy to use, offers a range of free templates for HTML-formatted newsletters, and accepts your HTML code. MailChimp offers iPhone and Android apps that enable you to manage your email marketing on the go. It integrates with analytics and social media tools to extend your reach.

Constant Contact

When you’re trying to leverage social capital, use Constant Contact, which integrates with Facebook for social referrals. If you have a dedicated marketing budget, you might hire CC’s professional services team to jump-start your email newsletter campaign. Constant Contact doesn’t offer as fancy templates as other email newsletter tools, but it does have unparalleled reach. While plans begin at $20 per month, you can test out CC with a free trial. Additionally, it’s ideal for surveys, event registrations, and other communications. Note, some users find CC has a steep learning curve.


40Nuggets aims to help you convert smarter by tailoring your marketing methods to unique visitors, giving you the analytics needed to take action, and helping you take next steps with ease. Target visitors based on behavior, location, or referral URL to ensure a seamless conversion with minimum disruption. 40Nuggets begins at $149 per month for businesses or $37 per month for solo marketers and personal brand mavens. Try 40Nuggets for yourself with a 14-day free trial.


Like Constant Contact, iContact has a steep learning curve and can be challenging for new users to set up. However, its premium features allow you to easily manage campaigns down to the individual level. When you’re looking to convert leads and tailor marketing messages to individuals, iContact’s incremental controls, call-to-action buttons, and auto-response tools help you achieve your purpose. Contact management tools and excellent customer support make it a good choice for small teams or startups that need to leverage email marketing to grow the business. While plans begin at $14 per month, iContact offers free trials.

Campaign Monitor

When you need analytics, social integration, and marketing tips, Campaign Monitor may be your dream newsletter client. Campaign Monitor allows you to customize two free templates for your needs and save your changes, for ease in sending out future mailings. However, you’ll need to download and import templates, which can be a bottleneck. The pricing structure allows you to pay a fee per month or per email campaign. With no free option, this may not be startup-friendly.


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