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Importance of Corporate Identity

Importance of Corporate Identity

The Importance of Corporate Identity

Just as your own appearance and personality affects impressions, the way in which your company presents itself also creates an image in a person’s mind. But how does a company, a thing and not a person, create an appearance and personality? And why is doing so important?

The fact is, creating your corporate identity can be done through a few simple steps and this identity will play a vital role in the development and success of your business. Let’s discuss how.

What is Corporate Identity?

Simply stated, corporate identity is how a company is presented to and perceived by its employees and the public.
Many components contribute to this final image—from your logo, to the font you use on your website, to the way you treat customers. All these individual pieces that represent your company, form together to create your corporate identity.

How is a Good Corporate Identity Built?

Building a good corporate identity is donethrough professionalism, consistency, and good business standards.

Be Professional

From the way your phone is answered to the design on your website, first impressions speak volumes. Put your best foot forward so prospective customers will feel comfortable taking a chance with your company. This might mean investing in new business cards or posting more regularly on Facebook and Twitter. Whatever it is, take the leap. It will attract new interest in your business and help support any marketing or advertising campaigns you are pushing through.

Be Consistent

All marketing materials, business cards, apparel, digital efforts (website and social media pages) should remain consistent. That includes your company’s logo, color use, and font. Having a consistent presence helps the public easily recognize your brand, and differentiate you from the competition. It also helps you form a “look” (this is where appearance comes in).

Your company’s tone (i.e. the manner in which you speak on Facebook, discuss services on your website, and even interact with customers) should also be consistent. This gives your company a unified presence. Customers want to know whom they’re dealing with, and a consistent tone helps them to build trust and a relationship with your company (there’s that personality).

Set Standards

Having good business practices and a set of ethical standards encourages your employees to follow suit, and positions your company in a positive light. Word of mouth is, and will always be, the greatest advertising. If people have a negative experience with your company, whether through bad service or a bad product, they are likely to complain to others about it. And with the speed and reach of social media, bad word of mouth can have a swift and negative impact.

Ensure your employees and your company maintain the quality and standards needed to conduct good business by setting expectations that are intended to be met. Through an employee handout, quarterly meetings, and/or email reminders, keep these standards on the front line. Some companies choose to offer employee incentives as an additional way to promote quality from top to bottom. However you implement this agenda, stick to it and monitor that everyone is onboard through regular check-ins.

Making a lasting impression is crucial to obtaining long time customers. Tulip Strategies is a cutting edge marketing & PR firm providing start-ups and established firms with smart solutions to propel your brand forward. For more information on how we can help your brand, please visit us at http://www.tulipstrategies.com/


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