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Is Print Collateral Dead?

It’s easy to think that traditional print marketing material is passé. It’s not. Although digital e-books have cut into the realm of traditional print publishing, more than 80% of books sold in 2012 were printed. What’s true with book publishing holds true with marketing publications. Printed, physical marketing pieces, like business cards, brochures and product comparisons, still play a vital role in today’s marketplace. In fact, they can even be used to enhance your Internet marketing.

What are sales collateral pieces?
Printed marketing and sales pieces include newsletters, business cards, brochures, sales flyers, product comparison pieces and company letterhead, just to name a few. Such pieces can be used in point-of-purchase displays, direct-mail pieces and giveaways at trade shows.

Benefits of using printed sales pieces
Printed marketing pieces serve a variety of purposes. For one thing, they can reach your customers who aren’t online and those who rarely use computers. Yes, those people exist. Print marketing pieces…

1. Serve as reminders. An important benefit of printed marketing collateral is that they give your customers and potential customers something with which to remember you. Those business cards you distributed at a trade show might not generate immediate sales, but they help people remember you when they have needs for your product six months from now. Likewise, that refrigerator magnet can help customers remember your HVAC company the next time their furnaces need repaired.

2. Add legitimacy. Your company’s website is well built, user friendly and robust with content. You invested a lot of money and resources to develop your online presence; don’t diminish it with homemade brochures, business cards and logoed print pieces.

3. Stand out. A printed newsletter with interesting graphics and images is more likely to get read than just another email message announcing an e-newsletter. Many such messages are deleted before the recipient ever gets to see your brilliant writing and sales copy.

Digital marketing can be dynamic and exciting. However, the best marketing plans feature a combination of both print and digital sales collateral material.