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The Three Principles to Successful Business Blogging


Whether you are the owner, operator or admin of a company or brand’s website, blog work is essential to successfully networking with neighboring sites and associates that could eventually help you grow your network. Here are a couple tried and true principles to routine blog posting that will not only help with consistency but also aid in SEO work as well.

  1. The lengthier the better. If an article is roughly 300-500 words the search term you associate with the post should be mentioned 3 to 7 times spread out through the length of the post in its’ entirety.
  2. Make your posts as SEO-friendly as possible. Keywords need to be used in the subheadings and a priority must be placed on making the main topic of the post as easy to identify as possible. Meaning the reader should know the subject of the post within the first one to three sentences. Images attached to each article along with a meta description are also crucial for reader accessibility and for search engines to prioritize your writing over other random websites that have no relevancy to the topic you’re trying to address.
  3. Content must be updated regularly. That doesn’t mean blow up the blog section of your company’s site with useless posts that have no merit or calculatable wealth. All posts published must serve a purpose. Whether that purpose is to provide advice on business ventures or to simply update and educate readers on the product or brand that you are determined to successfully market. There is no room or time for wasted language on a successful company’s site. Every amount of space must be used with the utmost efficiency– plain and simple.