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Digital Content: How to Develop a Successful Strategy


Digital content strategy– despite being nearly halfway through 2015 this remains a difficult term to define and confine to one specific or universal description. Best case scenario you can characterize digital content strategy as a collection of ventures directly associated with every single one of your digital channels. It is the only surefire approach to making sure that audiences are engaging and interacting with the content you provide on your website to the point where the viewer of the content feels compelled to share it with other people in his or her network to see.

There are a number of routes you can take in creating a digital content strategy. As a disclaimer, this is a challenging task, but one that will pay off in dividends if properly executed. Based off the collective knowledge gathered from a number of prominent PR specialists, here is a step by step guide on how to get this particular venture moving in the right direction as soon as you begin:

-Who are you trying to communicate with? The answer to this is simple: everyone. The larger a network you have through your marketing campaign the easier it will be to raise the rate in which your content is shared.

-What is the approach you are taking to engage with potential customers/clients? If a customer or client has an issue with the product or concept you are responsible for developing how fast will it take you to rectify the issue? Will you add more value to compensate for the problem at hand? This is where customer/client feedback is key. Without your target audience providing you with recommendations on how to better present your overall package it is very difficult to evolve past the first initial stage of your overall vision.

-What outcomes can you measure/keep track of? Where are you looking to do the most amount of development as a website? Audience size? Brand recognition? Focus on your primary goal and dedicate the majority of your time to tracking the initial measurements of growth in that one particular area.

-What content on your site performs the best?

Establish which articles or sub-categories on your site have gotten the most hits. Is there a trend in a particular topic you cover that gets more views than any other area? If so focus your attack on the most popular subjects and grow the rest of the site from there. It only takes one article, video or image to go viral for a site to become a hit overnight. Keep this in mind when trying to bring all areas of the site up to speed at once. Doing this will only slow down the progress on your most successful venture that’s currently receiving a lot of attention. Feed that source. The rest will follow