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The Advantages of Direct Mail Marketing

A growing digital world has created many new ways and places to market to your consumer. Staying alert to advanced marketing practices is imperative, but it shouldn’t pull you away from tried and true techniques like direct mail marketing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent way to provide direct information to your current and prospective consumers. Tapping into a source that can provide you with a list of emails, in a demographic that matches your company, gives you the opportunity to reach out to a new audience. While utilizing an email list may be similar to fishing in a lake with hundreds of fish and hundreds of fisherman, it doesn’t hurt to cast your line.

To stand out against the competition, having the bait of choice helps, and that is why building your own personal database completely changes the game of email marketing. You are now emailing people that have specifically requested to receive emails about your company, and are all the more likely to read them.

There are many ways to collect email addresses. You can add a prompt on your website, asking visitors to enter their information to receive news from your company. You can reel them in with discounts and private sales, explaining that by providing their email address they will be alerted of future promotions. Or if you are an ecommerce site, you can require that an email address be provided for the sale, and a check-off box to allow email correspondences. Creating a database of emails will help target your future direct mail campaigns to interested parties.

Snail Mail

Although email is the preferred method of delivery today, it wasn’t too long ago that direct mail marketing strictly referred to the mailers delivered to your home by the post office. While some marketers may say snail mail is dead, we wont. In fact, we think direct mail marketing is a great asset to many businesses, and for those with a mature demographic, it’s vital. Only 45% of seniors have Internet access and without direct mail marketing there are not many other effective or affordable means of advertising to this age group.

In addition, with the advanced technology of spam filters and sorting features (Gmail, for instance, divides mail into three folders: personal, social and promotions) it is becoming increasingly difficult to get your message to its recipient. Snail mail on the other hand, has a much greater chance of reaching the person or resident in which it is addressed to.
Mailing lists available to companies is also much greater in size than email lists. According to Market Scan, only 20% of postal addresses are reached through email. Imagine all the potential consumers you are never reaching by keeping your direct mail marketing strictly online.

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