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Social Profile Maintenance

It’s not an overstatement to say that social media sites have changed the way the world does business. It’s difficult to ignore the fact that Facebook alone has more than one billion registered users and Twitter has 500 million users. And, these two powerhouses are not the only social media sites available to businesses; there are more than 400 such sites today and more are being added each month.

Social media profiles and your small business

Your company’s social media profiles are often the first exposure potential customers have to your product and/or services. Just like having an attractive sign in front of your store, you need your social media “sign” to reflect your company’s image, personality and professionalism.

Your social media profiles are also a good source of information for customers. They list such things as your contact information, hours and the forms of payment you accept. It also sets up a forum for you to get to know your followers, customers and influencers. For these reasons, it’s important to put a set of procedures in place to ensure that your social media profiles are updated on a regular basis.

Updating your social media profiles

How often should your company update its social profiles? The short answer is you should update your profiles every time your company makes a change in its hours, address, product mix and other vital customer information. However, just as you wouldn’t allow a display in your store window to fade, you shouldn’t allow your social media “signs” to languish without updates. There’s always something new to add:

  • Media coverage
  • Awards, recognitions, certifications
  • Employee profiles

In addition to keeping your profile current and fresh, it’s also important that you be consistent and provide the same information and voice throughout all of your social media profiles. Although it’s tempting to market your business on every social media platform, a wiser course of action would be to embrace only the number of platforms that you and your staff have time to manage – and those that are most relevant to your industry.

The bottom line

Social profile maintenance doesn’t have to occupy all of your time. However, because these pages are often the first impression a potential customer gets of your business, it’s important that they not only have correct and updated information, but that they accurate reflect the personality of your company.