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The 7 Traits of a Good PR Leader


  • Speed Over Power: The pace of the world is always changing. And by changing I mean getting faster. Faster in making mistakes; faster in correcting them. You must lead the charge in almost every setting that resides in the office. Spin the globe as hard as you can and hold on for dear life.
  • Adaptability-- Make Yourself Malleable: Immediate gratification will be expected from your clients (See above). You must be able to flourish under constraint and unavoidable variables that will undoubtedly cause you and your team stress. Grit your teeth and press forward.
  • Be Bold, Supreme Confidence is Your Friend: Companies and Clients alike don’t care where a good idea comes from. It doesn’t matter to them if the next brilliant marketing campaign comes from the bottom of the totem pole. Entry level employees must have the courage to voice their visions when they feel as if they are truly onto something.


A Desire for Positive Change for Oneself: A recent study showed that the most successful people in the world don’t look at failures as things they did not benefit from. Failure is an integral part of developing as a professional and as a person. As long as your mind is in the right place positive change will occur regardless of if you succeed or fail initially. The failures will eventually get fewer and farther between and success will soon become the only thing you know.